Dance Classes in Laurel, MD

Dance Makers Inc. offers dance classes and programs in Laurel, MD for your littlest dancer, all the way through the teen years. We even offer adult dance classes in Hip-Hop and Zumba, for fitness and fun. Our dance instructors are highly qualified to teach to all ages and at every level.

Laurel Kids Dance Classes

Kids need guidance when first starting out to dance, that is why Dance Makers offers introductory dance classes for kids in order to teach the basics. As your child progresses and masters the basics, they can move onto more challenging dance classes to further cultivate their skillset.

Currently, Dance Makers is offering these dance classes in Laurel, MD:

  • Kinderdanz will teach your young preschooler the basics of ballet and tap dance, along with learning and perfecting their tumbling and gymnastics skills.
  • Advance Kinderdanz continues instruction in advanced ballet and tap, geared towards children between 5 and 6 years of age and second-year students. In addition to dance, we’ll also continue to work on tumbling skills.
  • Ballet/Pointe is the foundation of all dancing and will provide your child with the grace, technique, and poise which is necessary to master other areas of the art of dance. This class is offered to students who are 6 years old and up.
  • Hip-Hop, heavily influenced by African dance and culture, will help your child learn all the moves of the popular dances from MTV and BET. This style of dance, offered for 6 and up, develops rhythm, helps your child isolate and control movement, and enables them to loosen up and develop self-confidence. Plus, it’s loads of fun!
  • Jazz introduces more complex movement such as funk, hip-hop, and theatrical jazz to your child, 6 and up.
  • Lyrical classes are available for those children, 6 and up, who have a background in jazz and ballet. This class focuses on interpretation of the music through balance, control and flexibility.
  • Tap is offered for those children who want to continue working to perfect this exciting dance. It is open to ages 6 and up.
  • Technique classes enable your child to perfect those skills which he or she is learning concurrently.

Contact us online or call us at 301-731-0003 to sign up for dance classes today!

Dance Classes Combine Learning and Fun

Whether your child is the next hip-hop star, or a future prima ballerina, Dance Makers has the right dance classes in Laurel, MD for you. Come by and check out our studio, meet the instructors, and observe how much fun our students get out of learning the art of dance.

Enroll in Dance Classes in Laurel, MD

Get in touch today and let our Dance Makers instructors take care of all your kid’s dance dreams. We’ve been in the business for years and have the experience and know-how to turn raw talent into a skill that could eventually grow into a career.

To register for our Laurel, MD dance classes, contact us online or call us at 301-731-0003 to learn more and uncover your child’s natural ability to move and groove!