Dance Classes in South Laurel, MD

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay fit or you want to encourage a child’s passion or interest in dance and/or music, you should think about enrolling in dance classes in South Laurel, MD. Here at Dance Makers, we offer a large selection of dance classes for both children and adults.

Not only do we have different types of dance classes to choose from, but they are all available under one roof. Our studio is set up using all the amenities that are needed to create a safe and comfortable environment for our students. Additionally, our instructors are professionally trained and have extensive teaching and dancing experience, which means that you can be confident in our ability to teach your kids and to nurture both their skills and their passion for dance.

The Benefits of Dance Classes

Enrolling your kids in dance classes can provide them with countless benefits. First of all, one of the big perks of dance classes, in general, is that they are a great way to improve your physical strength, balance, and coordination. For children, this can make them more adept at other physical activities as they grow older, such as sports, and can potentially help reduce the risk of sport-related injuries and physical problems in general as they grow older.

Additionally, dance classes can help to teach children discipline, how to work together and how to express themselves creatively. Not to mention that dancing can help to boost self-respect and confidence and provides children with an outlet for their energy. Our instructors work with our students on a personal level to ensure that they progress to more challenging dance routines at their own pace.

Our Dance Classes in South Laurel, MD

We have a variety of dance classes available for children and adults alike. The following are some of the dance classes you or your children can enroll in here at Dance Makers in South Laurel, MD:

  • Kinderdanz – Kinderdanz classes are for children aged three to six and focus on teaching basic dance skills, such as ballet, tap, and tumbling.
  • Ballet and Pointe – Ballet helps teach grace, poise, and technique to children ages six and up. Pointe classes are for more advanced ballet students.
  • Hip-Hop Dance – Hip-hop dance classes are based on rhythm and isolated movements.
  • Hip-Hop Aerobics – Hip-hop aerobics is for adults only and involve group exercises that combine hip-hop music and dance styles for a full workout.
  • Jazz Dance – Jazz dance incorporates theatrical jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary funk, focusing on isolations, stretches, and footwork.
  • Lyrical Dance – Lyrical dance is for students with ballet and jazz dance backgrounds.
  • Tap Dance – Tap dance is available for younger children and involves using dance movements to create a musical beat.
  • Zumba – Zumba is an aerobic dance class for adults.

Enroll in South Laurel Dance Classes Today

For more information about our dance classes in South Laurel, MD, be sure to visit us at Dance Makers online or give us a call at (301) 731-0003 today.