Dance Classes in North Laurel, MD

Parents these days pay more attention to the interests and passions that their children have at a younger age. They realize that nurturing these interests and passions early on can help their children to become more skilled as they grow. For example, taking dance classes at an early age will make it easier for them to learn more advanced skills. If your children have an interest in dance, you should consider enrolling them in dance classes.

Here at Dance Makers in North Laurel, MD, we offer a variety of dance classes for both children and adults. Our professionally trained and highly experienced instructors will nurture your children’s talent and foster a genuine joy for dance—all in one convenient and safe environment.

Why Kids Should Take Dance Classes

There are countless benefits to learning how to dance, no matter what age you are. In fact, we instruct children as young as three here at Dance Makers. The following are some of the benefits your children will enjoy from taking our classes:

  • Physical development – Children will grow physically stronger, more coordinated, and more balanced than if they weren’t taking dance classes.
  • Improve confidence – Learning new dance moves helps to build confidence, which is especially helpful for shy children.
  • Develop discipline – Learning moves and choreography requires discipline.
  • Focus energy – Children have a lot of energy, and dance classes are a great outlet.
  • Learn how to express themselves – Dance is a fantastic way to express oneself creatively.

Our Dance Classes in North Laurel, MD

We offer a variety of different dance classes for both children and adults. The following are some of the dance classes available under one roof here at Dance Makers in North Laurel, MD:

  • Kinderdanz – We have two levels of Kinderdanz classes. The first allows children as young as three to enroll. These classes focus on teaching foundational dancing skills, such as tumbling, tap, and ballet.
  • Ballet – Ballet is an elegant dance form that focuses on technique and grace. Children aged six and up can enroll. Students who complete our ballet classes can move on to pointe classes, which are more advanced.
  • Hip-hop – Our hip-hop classes focus on more modern hip-hop dance styles and music, which makes them a popular choice for kids. We also have hip-hop aerobics classes available for adults.
  • Jazz – Jazz dance teaches students isolations, footwork, and stretches. The style implements theatrical jazz, contemporary funk, and hip-hop. Students who complete jazz dance classes can move on to lyrical dance classes.
  • Tap – Tap dance focuses on rhythm and teaches students how to move to music due to the fact that with tap dancing, dancing is what produces the beat.
  • Zumba – Adults looking for a class that provides more of a workout should consider taking Zumba.

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If you’re interested in enrolling your child into a dance class in North Laurel, MD, or you’re interested in taking an adult dance class, then be sure to contact us at Dance Makers today.